Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Great Gig in the Sky

Your Private Event Photographer in Der Himmel Über Berlin

The glass walls of Berlin's Puro Sky Lounge in the Europa Center afford a stunning panoramic view of Berlin at night.  I was hired to be the party photographer for a group of friends and business associates who were leaving Berlin.

As a photographer, I scoped out the shots that I would get for the evening; most of which revolved around the idea of people standing near the glass and looking out at the glittering skyline of Berlin. After a while it seemed nobody was willing to stand by the glass—most of them seemed clustered around the bar.  This is fully understandable.  Perhaps some people were afraid of heights—you really are looking through a glass wall 21 stories straight down.  Or maybe they simply found more comfort within shouting distance of the bartenders.

A magician appeared with a deck of cards.  No hat, no rabbit, no smell of Vaudeville anywhere on this guy.  The prestidigitator rolled up his sleeves, shrugged, shuffled his magic cards and pulled objects out the air, people’s hands, their pockets, their wallets and their purses.  People shouted and laughed in disbelief, some of them crying ‘That is SCARY!’ at the surprise ending of each fascinating trick.

The ever-present Berlin dj figure eventually gave way to the live band Brooklyn Bridge, a rock/soul/blues cover band.  After warming up the crowd with the tried and true R & B radio hits of the 70s and 80s, the band started to funk it up a notch.  As the first slow wave of shaking booties began to get the party started, I switched into my ambient slow mo mode.  This is also the only way to preserve the dim, colorful ambient lighting of the near-dark club.  It also yields some great shots of both the guests and the vivid colors of the Berlin city lights at night.  Long exposures + flash = vibrant colors in motion.

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