Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Events, Portraits and Weddings R Us

May and June have turned out to be quite busy in the photo arena:  two events, some portrait shoots and a wedding--with more portrait shoots on the way.  My season tends to start with a flood of work, which then levels off and trickles in through the rest of the year.  It hasn't been easy being a professional photographer competing in a sea of Berlin wannabes with dirt cheap promotions--but it's getting better every year.  I still cover both Berlin and Prague in order to provide my high quality professional photography services to discriminating clients who want top quality photography at reasonable prices.  Recently I had the opportunity to cover the Fifth Luxembourg Forum for Prevention of Nuclear Catastrophe.  This group of dedicated and knowledgeable scholars, scientists and politicos from around the world meet yearly to discuss ways of keeping nuclear proliferation at an absolute minimum, or as I call it, 'keeping the nukes out of the hands of the Real Bastards.'  More photos of this forum below.

I did on site delivery of all photos several times daily during the two day conference. They even put my name on some of them (but forgot to on others, but hey, I'm not too greedy for the limelight). The photos labelled 'LuxForum' are mine: http://luxembourgforum.org/eng/events/photo/

Please feel free to contact me via my website for a price quote for your event, convention, portrait shoot or wedding in Berlin or Prague.  I look forward to working with you!