Monday, 27 September 2010

Autumn Photo Workshops in Berlin

When I'm not out taking photographs for clients I also teach digital photography workshops designed to give amateur photographers a rapid boost in their skills in a short time.  I have offered these courses on various weekends in Berlin over the last 2 years and am pleased to announce that I am now offering an 'open date format' for the photo workshops.

What does this mean?  This means that if you and your friends are interested in a specific weekend for a digital workshop, you may leave a comment below to request a specific weekend or a specific location.  There are two types of photography workshops I offer, both are intensive day courses in exciting locations in and around Berlin.


- Full day intensive photo workshop for beginning to intermediate level photographers
- Location:  Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin Mitte
- Cost: 40 EUR per person
  (2 person minimum)


- Full day intensive photo workshops for intermediate level photographers
- Location:  various abandoned buildings and historical sites in Berlin and beyond
- Cost: 40 EUR per person
 (2 person minimum) plus travel expenses out of Berlin (if  necessary)

To register for a course, please contact me through the contact form below to inquire about a certain date or to be put in contact with other interested students.

The first available date for a photo workshop is the weekend of Oct 9/10, so don't delay!

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