Thursday, 20 June 2013

Berlin Street Art Portrait Shoot

Once in a while, not very often, someone asks me if I have a studio in which to take portraits.  I resist the urge to say GOOD GOD, WHY? and simply say that Europe is my studio.  For people who don't want the tired, trite and tedious fast food studio session photography, I offer my unique style of artistic location portraits in Berlin, Prague and beyond.

Berlin's vibrant street art scene adds the perfect splash of color to any portrait shoot.  The East Side Gallery section of the Berlin Wall monument is one of my favorite locations--miles of murals and swirls of spray can art are everywhere.

Viktoria wanted artistic, creative portraits with Berlin as a backdrop.  We chose the East Side Gallery and nearby YAAM riverside beach bar and club as our stomping grounds.  The people at YAAM were very friendly and helpful in letting us use their facilities for photography.  This warm feeling allows for more relaxed, natural portraits.

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